If this is all about my content being consistent with me and my brand, how can you write it?

Why, I’m so glad you asked. Your brand voice is absolutely essential to reaching your clients. You may have an idea of what this means or it may be a novel concept, so let me clue you into my process: I want to be in your head. Not literally. (The closest I get to surgery is Grey’s Anatomy). I want to know what your business brain is thinking and feeling and the weird little phrases that you use with your clients. Tell me about your metaphors and analogies. Bring me into your circle and teach me the chant. Once I catch the rhythm, I’m off to take that beat into your copy and content in a way that makes it zing and bling juuuuust so to your ideal client. Your copy will sound you-ier than ever before.

So you need my input? I thought you were the writer here.

You want this done for you. Off your hands. Wham, bam, thank you very much. The long and short of it is this: it will be. Micro-management is so not my thing and I know you don’t want it to be yours. Your copy doesn’t need a babysitter, but every now and then I need a little feedback to make sure I’m picking up that pulse, so if and when revision time comes around, we will fine tune it together because they may not be your words but they will damn sure sound like them.

What if my style is different than yours?

Good! In fact, great! I write plenty for myself and would much rather write for you. Sometimes people will tell me that they love my effusive, casual style, but it doesn't quite fit their target clientele. It's never been a problem -- voice changing, tone shifting, and vocabulary adaptation are in a writer's job description. Taking on a new persona is part of my joy so let's not either of us apologize for who we are. Wonderful copy will celebrate what you offer and sell it to your people, not mine. On the other hand, if who I am puts you off, well, darling, no problem. There's someone else out there for you!

What does the experience look like?

This will take a little time, but probably a lot less than you expect. I work efficiently and manage my client load so that I can provide top-notch service. Our meetings are rich, effective, and refreshingly brief so that you can get back to sketching out your next tattoo or whatever it is you do for fun. Wondering about rates or pricing? If it's not listed, then it requires a custom quote so go ahead and book an interview! I’m helping you build each piece from the ground up so I provide a quote once we have processed together exactly what you need.

What if I need a writer for (fill-in-the-blank), but you don't have that service listed?

Honey, I could take up your whole screen (and afternoon) listing all the kinds of writing I've done. If you're not ready to schedule a chat with me, go ahead and shoot me an email letting me know about your project. Be sure to include your industry, website, and any project parameters so that I can be sure your needs are in my wheelhouse!