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It's time to get ish done.

Shiny Object Syndrome* is common among business owners, especially entrepreneurs. There are choices to make and priorities to sort: Marketing or maintenance? Newsletters or invoicing? Client work or next idea? When it comes time for a new endeavor or a big launch, a lot of times we wish we could clone ourselves. Part of us wants to hang out with our partner, the other part wants to hustle on what could be the next level of our business. “What I really need,” we say between bites of last night’s dinner, “is a second brain."

I am your second brain.

In fact, I’m a piece of your brain you’ve never activated, you creative genius, you. That part of you that desperately wants organization and efficiency, craves a sense of order and purpose, and tries to keep your FOMO* in check. Delegation, task management, timelines, due dates, and follow-up are all parts of my repertoire and at your disposal. This service is offered on a selective basis both as project manager and virtual assistant. All that's left is for you to tell me: 

What's the project?


virtual assistant

When you need more than a worker bee and someone who thrives at communication, critical analysis, and efficiency

  • on-call email-responder
  • manage your database management
  • handle support tickets
  • schedule
  • create presentations
  • generally help you fire off your business procedures, then I'm available.

project manager

When you need help managing projects and teams so that you can be just that more hands-off. 

  • E-courses
  • Re-brand launches
  • Projects of soulful or emotional service
  • Projects by creative/artistic businesses
  • Team leadership
  • Maternity leave manager
  • That annoying thing you'd need a clone to get done
  • Ideas I've never considered

*Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) is related to Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). This especially plagues small business owners. It is co-morbid with overwhelm, fatigue, and a strong case of the fuck-its.