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Is your business brain overworked?

Getting organized is a no-brainer, but it takes time, know-how, and a special touch to corral the crazy and make a workflow out of a work week. Whether you're flying solo, managing a dream team, or somewhere in-between, it's just about impossible to scale your business responsibly without getting your systems in place. This looks a little different for everyone but common principles include:

  • job title descriptions, even for outside hires
  • internal and external communication protocol
  • customer relationship management
  • task and project management
  • procedural documentation
  • sales and service funnels
  • follow-up practices
  • billing processes
  • automating anything you can

I've worked for big companies and small ones, I've been an employee and worked independently. Wherever procedures are prioritized, it seems like the atmospheric stress is half of what it would be otherwise. There are a million apps to help you, but they can't tell you where to start and how to integrate them in order to make your life as simple as possible. And as intimidating as it seems, systemizing doesn't have to be that hard. I'm here to help you come up with your beginning to end workflow, from on-boarding to follow-up.